Administration & Support Staff Teachers and Classified Staff Jackson State Pre-School
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Office Staff

School Administrative Asst: Mrs. Sonya Enser

School Health Office Technician:                Ms. Wendy Andrade

Student Data Technician:               Mrs. Socorro Vega

Safety Captains

Mrs. Angelica Rosales,

Mrs. Blanca Reyes,

Ms. Alma Camacho,

Ms. Gissell Olague

Ms. Jeannett Gardner

Cafeteria Staff- Classified

Cafeteria Manager: Mrs. Maria Ayala

Food Service Workers:

Mrs. Young Lim,

Mrs. Lily Fraire,

Mrs. Diana Bueno

Teachers and Classified Staff


Mrs. Antonia Huizar- Tr. A

Mrs. Casey Kuykendall-Perez - Rm 136

Mrs. Judy Bruland- Rm 137

Mrs. Vienna Garcia- Rm 149

Mrs. Luisiana Avalos- Tr. C


Mrs. Jolayna Hodgson- Rm 1              

Mrs. Marissa Orozco (T/K)- Rm 4 

Mrs. Sharon Lee- Rm 2

Mrs. Marisa Loza- Rm 6

Mrs. Michelle Moreno- Rm 7

First Grade

Mrs. Karina Caseres- Rm 8

Mrs. Marisela Gibson- Rm 12  

Mrs. Amber Bronder- Rm 13 

Mrs. Erika Malena- Rm 14

Second Grade

Mrs. Sonia Peralta (2/3)- Rm 18

Mrs. Irma Armendariz- Rm 19

Mrs. Laura Valdez- Rm 20

Ms. Dianne Hayward- Rm 26

Third Grade

Mrs. Maria Romero- Rm 15

Ms. Dawn Lepire- Rm 16

Mrs. Teresa Reno- Rm 23

Mrs. Mildred McGrath- Rm 24

Fourth Grade

Ms. Mary Frances Garcia- Rm 28

Ms. Stacy Hartel (4/5) - Rm 29

Mrs. May Eugenio - Rm 30

Mr. Charles Rasmussen- Rm 32

Fifth Grade

Mr. Erik Caruso- Rm 131

Mrs. Martha Ramirez- Rm 132

Mrs. Cheri Lujan- Rm 133


Special Education Aides

Ms. Kuykendall's Aides: Maria Espinoza, Yolanda Padilla

Mrs. Bruland's Aides: Gabriela Hernandez,  Jennifer Dominguez, Yolanda Rendon

Mrs. Garica's Aides:  Evangeline Sandoval, Laura Soto

Mrs. Huizar's Aides: Marissa Lozano, Amy Rodas, Soledad Rodriguez

Ms. Avalos' Aides: Patricia Zamorano, Eileen Velez, Lesly Sosa

SDC Add'l Support: Open Position

Support Staff- Special Education

District RSP Aide (AM): Josie Aldape

District RSP Aide (PM): Luzmila Cruz

Speech Intern: Griselda Nuñez (Mon Only)

Speech Intern: Jessica Ramos (Tues Only)

RSP Aide: Patricia McCorkendale

1:1 Aide S/H: Vanessa Nava

Support Staff- Classified

Senior Custodian:             Mr. Kevin Lessley

Library Clerk:                       Ms. Jolanda Dudgeon

Bilingual Assistant:             Mrs. Alicia Lopez

Computer Lab Aide:            Ms. Brenda Gamboa